We weren’t visiting Mount Olympus, but I think Dionysus would still be proud.

After all, we were in Sonoma Valley – which is the birthplace of the California wine industry.

Oh, yes, we enjoyed the wine!

So, what does one write when one spent most of the day half-buzzed from tasting innumerable types of wine, but forgot to eat anything of substance? No worries, I didn’t end up sick, just with a headache, haha.

Well, our wine tour started at the Parc 55, our hotel in San Francisco. As part of the dreamtrip we booked, the wine tour was included for both of us. Heck yes! Our coach bus picked us up at 9am and we made an obligatory stop at the Golden Gate Bride before heading up to Sonoma Valley. The drive was very pretty after we got over the bridge. We even saw San Quentin Prison from the bus. Having never been to the area I wasn’t expecting these wide open valleys between high hill ranges. It felt like all the pictures I’d seen of Tuscany. Even though the drought was super bad and the hills were brown, there was a unique beauty to the area. The only green you really saw was from wineries as you passed by. You can’t water your grass here, but you can have water for your winery! #priorities

Jacuzzi Family Winery: Who doesn’t like wine and water fountains?

The first winery we visited was my favorite for the day. It was Jacuzzi Family Vineyards. As in the same Jacuzzi family that created the now famous Jacuzzi spa. I knew I’d like these people! Some quick facts about the family:

  • Two Jacuzzi sons immigrated from Italy in 1907. The sons eventually worked in aviation and the whole family joined them in the states after WWI.
  • They bought a farm to make wine in the 1930s after they stopped working in aviation.
  • Not soon after, the family opened another business, from which the Jacuzzi spa was invented. The original business was in well-water pumps.
  • The Jacuzzi spa actually came to be through a child’s illness that required special baths multiple times a week in San Francisco.
  • The family, with the well-water pump background and understanding of aviation engineering, decided to make their own special bath so trips to San Francisco need not occur so frequently. And, thus, the Jacuzzi spa was born!

The wine at Jacuzzi was great, btw. They don’t sell any of their wines in stores, but you can purchase online, through their wine club, and on-site. My husband liked a wine called Montepulciano – don’t ask me how to pronounce that. I prefered their Sangiovese and Prosecco. This was actually my first time having Prosecco and I was definitely hooked.

The terrace was perfect for relaxing with wine in hand : )

I don’t consider myself any sort of wine connoisseur. So, I can’t tell you the technical reasons why I liked some things and others didn’t. I can barely tell you the hints of what I tasted. But, I can tell you that Jacuzzi Family Winery was a very low-key and friendly winery. I have been around the wine glass enough to know that this is not always the case with wineries. I was super grateful for a friendly and fun experience to continue growing my understanding of wine : )

Finally, if you’re looking for a winery with a great view and BEAUTIFUL buildings, you should visit Jacuzzi. You’ll see from my pictures just how charming and how very Italian it all felt.

The rest of the day was spent is much the same fashion. Visiting wineries, learning about them, and tasting their wine. I feel like it would be super redundant to tell you about each one, so you’ll have to take my word when I tell you that Jacuzzi was my favorite  : )


P.S. Pack crackers and protein…..